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Address: No. 15 Lijiang Road, New District, Wuxi
Phone: 0510-85577110
Fax: 0510-85579203
Postcode: 214028

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[2017-12-04] Workshop for rent
[2012-11-11] The company's "11.9 Fire Fighting Day" organized special fire fighting training for employees
[2012-06-30] The company's products passed the 2012 quality management system certification again
[2012-01-15] The company held the 2012 press conference on creating advanced teams
[2012-01-10] The company held the 2011 award-winning event
[2012-01-04] The company held the 2011 annual safety commendation meeting
Company Profile

Wuxi Alme New Materials Co., Ltd., formerly known as the state-owned Wuxi Alme Photosensitive Chemical Company (Wuxi Film Film Factory), was established in 1970 and restructured into a private limited liability company in August 2003.
In 2009, in accordance with the overall planning and requirements for the industrial retreat from the municipal government and the city, the company was relocated to No. 15 Lijiang Road, New District (Plot 115, High-tech Development Zone, Wuxi City), and the Intercity Railway Wuxi New District Station was about 600 meters southeast It is close to the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, National Highway 312, covers an area of 71,210 square meters, and has extremely convenient transportation.

After the relocation, the company will build on its original production capacity. . .

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